How to Import Contacts to Mac Address Book

Hoolie newsletter software for Mac uses the Mac OS Address Book to manage mailing lists.

To create a newsletter mailing list in Hoolie using an existing email list, you simply have to create a group in Mac Address Book and import those contacts from a .csv file into the new group.

Step 1

Open your Mac Address Book and click File/New Group.

Step 2

Give your new Mac Address Book Group a name.

Step 3

Highlight the Mac Address Book group you want to import new contacts into and click File/Import.

Step 4

Locate the comma separated value (.csv) file that contains the contacts you want to import and either double-click the file name or highlight it and click open.

Step 5

Click the "Do not import" name beside each field that you want to import to map it to the corresponding Mac Address Book field name from the drop-down list. Keep the setting at “Do not import” for any fields you do not want to include.

Step 6

Uncheck the "Ignore first card" box if the .csv file you are importing does NOT contain header columns, then click OK.

Step 7

Decide whether you want to use existing contacts, replace existing contacts, add to existing contacts or update existing contacts for any addresses already present. Then, click "Import".

Step 8

Your contacts are now available as a group in Mac Address Book. You can add new contacts to this group either manually or by importing additional .csv files.

That’s all there is to it.