Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial version?

Hoolie is sold via the Apple Mac App Store which at present does not support the distribution of trial or demo software/apps. It has been rumoured for a while now though that support is planned - as soon as this is available we will be able to offer a free trial. For the mean time we suggest that you purchase Hoolie and if it doesn't meet your needs please contact Apple Customer Service for a full refund – please check this Mac App Store FAQ for information.

My groups aren't showing in Hoolie!

On Mountain Lion and the latest versions of Lion (basically any version of OS X running the new Gatekeeper security program) you have to allow Hoolie to have access to your Contacts. This is done the first time you run Hoolie - you get presented with a rather small dialog asking if you would like to allow Hoolie to have access to your contacts. If by chance you click no on this dialog then no contacts or groups will show up in Hoolie. To reset this option, and allow Hoolie to access your contacts/groups - which you need it to do if you want to send messages to your groups - you need to go to System Preferences, then Security and Privacy, then click on the Privacy tab, select Contacts on the left hand side and make sure that Hoolie is enabled. Restart Hoolie and you should be good to go!

What's an SMTP server?

This is the server that delivers your email messages. Think of it as the post office. Your internet service provider typically supplies you with access to one of these. Just put the details into Hoolie and it will happily start sending your messages. If you are sending large volumes then it may be worth your while considering a specialist email delivery company like SMTP2Go. If you are sending only small amounts of email (less than 100 per day) then Gmail may suit. Hoolie works with all SMTP (and ESMTP) services and supports a full array of industry standard security and authentication protocols.

Can Hoolie personalize my messages?

Yes, absolutely. By design Hoolie sends a unique message to each of your recipients. Hoolie can also allow you to further personalize each message by allowing you to embed many of the fields that are available in your Contacts/Address Book. To embed a 'Merge' or Personalization field into your message please use the Message menu (or the first toolbar icon) in Hoolie and select Insert Personalization Field.

I use Windows – will Hoolie work on that?

Nope. Hoolie is a Mac only app (at the moment!). All hope is not lost though – our big sister, GroupMail, is the business when it comes to sending newsletters on Windows computers – check it out here.

Where are my groups stored?

Your contacts and groups are stored in the Address Book (or Contacts app on Mountain Lion). Any groups (excluding smart groups) you create there will appear in Hoolie automagically. If you have groups in your contacts app but they aren't showing then chances are you did not allow Hoolie to have access to your contacts. You can enable this in System Preferences, in Security & Privacy, on the Privacy tab.

Do I have to use the OS/X Address Book (Contacts on Mountain Lion) App to manage my groups?

Short answer? Yes. Long answer? If you want us to support other list or group types let us know. We're considering some approaches to doing this at the moment. We chose the address book to begin with because it's fairly robust and it uses iCloud etc to synchronize across any other machines you might have – that's kinda nice built in functionality when you think about it.

What version of OS/X does Hoolie work with?

Hoolie requires a 64bit processor and works with Snow Leopard (10.6.8+), Lion (10.7.4+) and Mountain Lion (10.8.1+).

Is there an iOS version?

We're working on it! Stay tuned.

How do I import contacts from a CSV file?

Check out this tutorial tutorial

My internet connection failed (or my computer crashed etc.) while I was sending a message - what can I do?

Easy - in Hoolie, go to the Messages tab (v1.6 - in version 1.5 this tab is called History), select your message that you where sending and click Resume. This will continue sending the message, to those that didn't get it the first time. The resend function will resend the message to everybody.

Android? Windows 8/RT?

Not yet. We haven't ruled out anything. The iOS development and deployment experience will guide us

Where can I get more templates?

Hoolie comes with some built in templates – and we plan to release updates to these every couple of weeks. Of course you can use your own quite easily – just have your template saved as a regular HTML file and Import that in to Hoolie from the file menu. (Choose the Import HTML Option).

If I purchase from the App Store can I get a refund?

To obtain a refund you need to contact Apple Customer Service – please check this Mac App Store FAQ for information.

How can I track the emails I send?

Using a service like GroupMetrics you can easily track what your recipients are doing with your email messages (like if they opened the message or clicked on any links in it). Please see this (GroupMail) article for more information.

How do I change my SMTP settings, such as my port number?

Go to Preferences on the Hoolie main menu. Click on the Accounts button on the toolbar of the preferences dialog. You can select the Account you wish to edit here and click the Edit button (or double click on the account). On the Edit Account screen, on the Email Settings tab you'll find the port number below the SMTP Server Address. All the other settings required for delivering your email can be found here on or the Advanced Tab.

I need to send 80 million emails to my friends...

Eh. Seriously? That smells a lot like SPAM. Close personal friends are they? Customers? Yeah, Hoolie's not for you. It simply isn't designed or intended to be used in this way.

My mailing failed, why? what happened?

To see what happened when a mailing stopped or finished, in more detail, please go to the Messages Tab (History Tab in Hoolie 1.5 or earlier), select the message in question and click on the View Details button. This will bring up the main log file for the mailing and it should detail exactly what happened and when. Typically this is the information that Technical Support will require should you contact them with questions relating to delivery.

I get Authentication Errors when I send!

Many SMTP servers require that you provide a Username and Password before they will allow you to send email. Hoolie supports a variety of Authentication Protocols such as Login, Plain, CRAM-MD5, NTLM and POP3 Pre-checking. To enter your Authentication details please click on the Accounts button on the toolbar of the preferences dialog (which you can find via the Hoolie Main Menu). You can select the Account you wish to edit here and click the Edit button (or double click on the account). On the Edit Account screen, on the Email Settings tab you'll find the Authentication Options at the bottom of the tab (Username, Password and Type).

How do I include an opt-out link in my emails?

While Hoolie doesn't yet provide fully automated subscription management it can generate a basic, but personalized, unsubscribe link for you or you can integrate a third party option if you like (to setup a third party link edit the account you are sending from and see the Message Fields tab - you can enter your custom link here). To insert such a link into your message click on the Message menu in Hoolie, then on the Insert Personalization Field menu and then on the 'Unsubscribe Link' menu item. If you are using the built in (Default) Unsubscribe link then unsubscribe requests will be returned to the email address you specify as the From address (in the sending account).

How do I move Hoolie's messages and settings to another computer? (OSX 10.7+)

To move Hoolie's messages (saved/sent/etc.) and settings to another system you'll need to do a couple of things. 1. Install Hoolie on the new system (start it up, create and save a message, then close it down). 2. On the original system go to your Users/[username]/Library/Containers/com.infacta.Hoolie/Data/Library folder using finder (please note that [username] corresponds to the name of your user folder). 3. Copy/Move the Hoolie folder (the entire folder and all the subfolders it contains) to the corresponding location on your new system. 4. Now, locate the Preferences folder (which is in the same folder as the Hoolie one we just copied), browse it and locate the file called com.infacta.Hoolie.plist and copy/move this to the same location on your new target system. 5. Start Hoolie on your system - you should be good to go!

How can I resize images in a message?

At present you can't. What you would need to do is size the image to your requirements using an image editor before you embed it into your message. We are planning to add more sophisticated image manipulation in a later release.

I have more questions – or I need help!

If your questions haven't been answered above, or if you need technical support or further help with Hoolie please don't hesitate to contact us – seriously we'd love to hear from you!


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